5 Apps You Should Be Using

Do you want to make your life easier when it comes to your business and personal needs? Then for smart phone users and business owners, we have found you some of the best apps you can get on your [...]

Social Media- A new fan club community

Social Media creates online fan club ‘communities’ where users are able to join groups, pages or simply participate in discussions. The people who join these come from all over the world, all [...]

TV and Twitter

Take a look at these statistics here, but what do they mean? Well, firstly they demonstrate a strong link between TV, the primary screen, and Social Media, the secondary screen. The influence of [...]

How To Make a Blog SEO Friendly

Why do some blog posts rank easier than others? Should you even be making blog posts with SEO in mind, or just the user? Unfortunately, , there are a lot of factors which dictate where your blog [...]

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